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Technical Features of EPS Block Molding Machine


The overall structure of EPS Block Molding Machine is compact, the equipment is reasonable, and the rotating part adopts mechanized device, which is accurate and reliable. Reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency. Up and down pressure, directional vibration, variable frequency braking, to achieve high-density, high-strength molding effect. One machine has multiple functions, and it can produce block products of different shapes and specifications with different molds. The mechanical structure of each part is easy to observe, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, and the failure is not easy to ensure the normal production operation.

EPS Block Molding Machine

(1) EPS Block Molding Machine is fixed, vibrating, and mechanically demolding. This model has an advanced and reasonable design and a wide range of applications. It adopts a reducer, a brake magnet, and a curved arm to surround and demold.

(2) 4 uprights are used, the positioning is accurate, the mold is balanced and stable, the compactness of the block is improved, the block burr is small, and the appearance is good.

(3) The mold replacement is convenient, simple and easy to maintain.

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