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What are the EPS equipment?


EPS equipment hydraulic system, stable operation, low noise, large clamping force, vacuum system to speed up product forming, shorten cooling time, reduce product moisture content, perfect fault self-diagnosis and motor maintenance system to ensure safe operation and maintenance of equipment, foam The machine can perform fully automatic, semi-automatic, intermediate start and manual operation in four ways. The foam machine adopts imported PLC and imported touch screen.

Full Chinese display, graphical interface intelligent control, man-machine dialogue, foam plastic machinery has a variety of heating, cooling, filling, product release and other processes to adapt to different EPS products, using hot-dip galvanizing machine to enhance anti-corrosion, greatly improved In view of the service life of the machine, when we usually choose to purchase, we must see how the foam cutting machine works in the actual operation and application process.

In addition to safety, we also need to look at the convenience of operation and use. After understanding these basic conditions, we can naturally choose to choose normally. Now many people understand these basic conditions and feel that they are affected by the entire market. The farewell level is very high, and it can be easily purchased.

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