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How to solve the problem of Dongshan plastic machine?


Dongshan plastic machine is displayed in Chinese, with intelligent control of graphical interface, man-machine dialogue, foam plastic machinery has a variety of heating, cooling, filling, product release and other processes to adapt to different EPS products, using hot-dip galvanizing machine to strengthen anti-corrosion , greatly improve the service life of the machine, when we usually choose to purchase, we must look at the effect of the foam cutting machine in the theoretical operation and application process.

There is a pressure adjustment device at the front end of the compression section, which is used to adjust the compression ratio. According to the characteristics of the material, the compression ratio can reach 30 to 40 times to achieve the purpose of reducing the volume of EPS, so as to facilitate long-distance transportation and reduce storage and transportation costs. The cold-pressed EPS briquetting machine uses a screw to directly push and extrude EPS foam without heating. Hasswell introduced its smallest screw compactor at the K exhibition in Germany in 2007. The model is cp- 130. The capacity of this machine to handle EPS is 13.6~18.4kg/h. After all, the density of the product will increase by 40 times. The latest compaction density control can even reach 320.5kg/m3. PU material, the difference between hot-pressing briquetting machine and cold-pressing briquetting machine is.

In addition to safety, we also need to look at the convenience of operation and use. After understanding these basic conditions, we can naturally terminate the selection normally. Usually, many people understand these basic conditions and feel that they are affected by the entire market. The welcome level is very high, and it can also be easily purchased.

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