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How does Dongshan Company operate?


This model of Dongshan Company has high extrusion density, and the unit output can reach more than 500KG per cubic meter. The hot-melt briquetting machine is similar to the extrusion machine. After the material is completely melted, it is pushed out from the discharge port. The disadvantage of the model is that it is the same as the hot pressing type, which needs to add one or more heating modules. The hydraulic pushing type adopts a screwless design and uses hydraulic pressure to do work.

All Chinese flashing, graphical interface intelligent control, man-machine dialogue, foam plastic machinery has a variety of heating, cooling, filling, product release and other processes to adapt to different EPS products, the use of hot-dip galvanizing machine, enhanced anti-corrosion, greatly improved In view of the service life of the machine, when we usually choose and purchase, we must see how the foam cutting machine works in the theoretical operation and application process.

     Apply enough pressure to the objects in a certain space to densify the objects so as to reach the desired location. This kind of machine is much messier than the previous models, but the pressure effect is the best. The cube can reach more than 700KG. This compactor is mainly used for compacting product scraps for large EPS molding machines. There are also some other types of briquetting machines. The above models are the most used and the most common.

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