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How to repair Dongshan plastic machine?


The model of Dongshan plastic machine is cp-130. The capacity of this machine to handle EPS is 13.6~18.4kg/h. After all, the density of the product will increase by 40 times. The latest compaction density control can even reach 320.5kg/m3. The briquetting machine is mainly used for pressing PU materials. The difference between the hot-pressing briquetting machine and the cold-pressing briquetting machine is that a heater is added to the pressing section of the cold-pressing briquetting machine, so that the The material is extruded from the discharge port in a semi-molten state. Heger exhibited this type of briquetting machine at the K exhibition in Germany in 2007.

This model has high extrusion density, and the unit output can reach more than 500KG per cubic meter. The hot-melt briquetting machine is similar to the extrusion machine. After the material is completely melted, it is pushed out from the discharge port. The disadvantage is that it is the same as the hot pressing type, which needs to add one or more heating modules. The hydraulic pushing type adopts a screwless design and uses hydraulic pressure to do work.

In addition to safety, we also need to look at the convenience of operation and use. After understanding these basic conditions, we can naturally terminate the selection normally. Usually, many people understand these basic conditions and feel that they are affected by the entire market. The welcome level is very high, and it can also be easily purchased.

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