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What are the characteristics of EPS foam...


What are the characteristics of EPS foam equipment machinery?
1. Optimized redundant design of foam machinery, the whole machine is simple and clear, high strength and cost-effective.
2. Hydraulic system, stable operation, low noise and large clamping force.
3. The vacuum system speeds up product forming, shortens cooling time and reduces product moisture content.
4. Perfect fault self-diagnosis and motor protection system to ensure the safe operation and protection of the equipment.
5. The foam machinery can perform fully automatic, semi-automatic, intermediate start and manual operation in four ways.
6. The foam machinery adopts imported PLC, imported touch screen, full Chinese display, graphical interface intelligent control, and man-machine dialogue.
7. Foam plastic machinery has a variety of heating, cooling, filling, product release and other processes to adapt to different EPS products.
8. Adopt hot-dip galvanizing machine to strengthen anti-corrosion and greatly improve the service life of the machine.

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