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How Auto Shape Molding Machine in china conveys materials


Auto Shape Molding Machine in china When the extrusion system is heated to a given process temperature and kept for a certain period of time, the motor is started, and the required torque and rotation speed are provided to the screw through the reducer. The plastic in the hopper enters the screw groove from the feeding port under the effect of its own weight or the thrust of the feeder. With the rotation of the screw, the plastic is transported forward under the effect of the conflicting force with the barrel screw.

Auto Shape Molding Machine in china

After the plastic enters the screw from the feeding port, under the effect of the rotating screw, it is transported forward through the conflicting effect of the inner wall of the barrel and the outer surface of the screw. In the molding process, after the material is added from the hopper to the plastic extruder in powder or granular form, the process of conveying, compacting, compressing, melting and plasticizing, and homogenizing into a uniform melt must be completed.

In the screw feeding section, the loose solid pellets (or the end of the material) fill the screw groove, and as the material is continuously conveyed, the material is initially compacted. When the material enters the compression section, due to the gradually shallow depth of the screw groove and the resistance of the machine head, the plastic gradually forms a high pressure and is further compacted. Under the effect of internal conflict shear heat caused by intense stirring, mixing and shear conflict, the temperature of the plastic continues to rise, and at a certain point in contact with the barrel, the temperature of the plastic reaches the melting point and begins to melt.

Auto Shape Molding Machine in china keeps heating along with the conveying of the material, the amount of molten material increases gradually, while the amount of unmelted material decreases accordingly. At about the end of the compression section, all the materials change to a viscous flow state, but the temperature at each point is not uniform at this time, and the homogenization effect after the homogenization section is relatively uniform. Squeeze into the head. The die in the head of the plastic extruder is a molding part. The material passes through it to obtain the geometric shape and size of a certain cross-section. After cooling and shaping and other processes, the molded product can be obtained.

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