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Product Introduction of Digital Lost Foam Block Molding Machine


Digital Lost Foam Block Molding Machine is a mechanical equipment for producing bricks, generally using stone powder, fly ash, slag, slag, gravel, sand, water, etc. as raw materials. Use fly ash, slag, stone powder, desulfurization ash, slag, coal gangue, phosphogypsum, tailing sand, etc. to produce new wall materials, such as autoclaved fly ash bricks, autoclaved lime sand bricks, aerated concrete products, etc. Digital Lost Foam Block Molding Machine is equipped with a super vibration motor to enhance the vibration effect, improve product quality and production efficiency, and increase economic benefits. The machine has been well received by users since it was put on the market.

Digital Lost Foam Block Molding Machine

In the process of producing bricks, Digital Lost Foam Block Molding Machine is different from the traditional kiln-fired brick-making process. It is hydraulically formed and does not require firing engineering. It is a new type of brick-making equipment designed and manufactured in combination with similar characteristics and market needs. It has the advantages of compact structure, large pressing force, strong rigidity, fully sealed and dustproof, circulating lubrication, simple operation and high output. Digital Lost Foam Block Molding Machine's feeder speed change, turntable rotation and other parts adopt advanced technology, which has the advantages of large transmission force, stable operation, accurate positioning, and low maintenance rate.

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