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Do you know the mechanical movement of China Digital Lost Foam Block Molding Machine


The china Digital Lost Foam Block Molding Machine with hydraulic transmission is better than the molding machine with mechanical transmission. It not only vibrates but also pressurizes during molding. This statement is mainly due to the hydraulic transmission forming machine, the pressure during vibration forming and the vibration system of block forming are not well understood. During vibration molding, the oil pressure of the pressure head cylinder has been reduced to about 0.5Mpa by the pressure reducing valve, and the pressure head cylinder will bring the pressure head down synchronously with the vibration and compaction of the concrete in the mold box. At this time, the pressure head cylinder is in a low-pressure floating state. Impossible to apply a lot of pressure.

china Digital Lost Foam Block Molding Machine

China Digital Lost Foam Block Molding Machine generally needs 7-8 actions to complete a molding cycle. From the design point of view, the forming machine with hydraulic transmission is easy to realize the process action, and the forming machine has relatively few moving parts, and the structure is relatively simple. Therefore, most of the molding machine manufacturers in the world produce hydraulically driven molding machines. Of course, it does not mean that all the process actions of the hydraulically driven forming machine adopt hydraulic transmission. For example, some forming machines with base plates and base plate conveying devices also use mechanical transmission.

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