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Auto Eps Batch Pre-expander Machine China how to produce safely


After mastering the advantages and disadvantages of each type of blowing agent, choosing a blowing agent is easy. Therefore, fully understanding the type of foaming agent is very important for producers to choose foaming agent correctly. So today I will tell you how the manufacturer of Auto Eps Batch Pre-expander Machine China introduces how to produce safely in Auto Eps Batch Pre-expander Machine China!

Auto Eps Batch Pre-expander Machine china

For producers, it is not enough to rely on the machine type and foaming principle alone, and it is necessary to better grasp several important technical parameters of Auto Eps Batch Pre-expander Machine China in order to judge whether their production requirements are met.

1. Yield: Yield is the amount of foam. This amount should be slightly higher than 20% of the amount of foam you need

2. Installed capacity: The installed capacity is the total installed power, and this parameter is very important for calculating the adaptability of the total power usage of the electrical circuit.

3. Equipment size: This parameter is a necessary element of the overall layout plan of the workshop.

4. Bubble diameter range: Generally, the comparison should be made according to the bubble diameter requirements of specific products.

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