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It is very important to master the basic technical parameters of china Auto Eps Batch Pre-expander Machine


For producers, it is not enough to only know the model of China Auto Eps Batch Pre-expander Machine and the principle of foaming. It is also necessary to further understand several important technical parameters of China Auto Eps Batch Pre-expander Machine to determine whether it meets the requirements. own production requirements.

china Auto Eps Batch Pre-expander Machine

1) Yield: Yield is the amount of foam produced. This amount must be slightly higher than the required amount of foam by 20% to leave room. The lower limit of foam production should be used as the basis for verification and calculation, not the upper limit;

2) Installed capacity: The installed capacity is the total installed power. This parameter is of great significance for calculating the adaptability of electrical circuits to the total power consumption;

3) Equipment size: This parameter is a necessary factor for the overall layout planning of the workshop;

4) Foam diameter range: Generally, it should be compared according to the requirements of the specific product for the foam diameter.

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