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Understanding of Auto Eps Batch Pre-expander Machine


The vibration-type foaming degree sensing controller is installed in front of the barrel of the Auto Eps Batch Pre-expander Machine, which can correctly sense the rising degree of the foaming particles, making the density of the pre-expanding beads more uniform, and the tolerance is only 0.3 kg/m3 , which is also a major feature that distinguishes it from the continuous pre-sending machine. When the pre-expanding machine is discharged, the temperature inside the barrel changes very little, which solves the occurrence of condensed water and bead agglomeration, thereby reducing the moisture content of the raw material and saving heat energy. , discharging, feeding, and air-drying are all controlled by automatic programs, which are convenient and accurate to adjust. The beads rise from bottom to top. When they reach a certain height, they can be discharged through the signal of the photocell, which is accurate and sensitive. When the foaming pressure is stable, the density is almost the same. , which is very important for the correct selection of molding conditions.

Auto Eps Batch Pre-expander Machine

Due to the step-by-step cooperation of the Auto Eps Batch Pre-expander Machine automatic control equipment, the machine can be preheated. After heating to a certain temperature, it is easy to enter the automatic pre-expander. If there is a fault, it can be automatically displayed. The beads added by this equipment each time The quantity is very accurate, the temperature inside the machine can be displayed at any time, the air intake is uniform, and it is equipped with an air purging device. In addition, this equipment is equipped with an air drying, crushing and feeding device, which is also easy to control. Generally, the feeding device is equipped with There is an exhaust filter device, so that the powder is not easy to enter the pre-expander, and it is not easy to block and agglomerate. It can also achieve good performance for raw material beads with low foaming agent (long storage time) and light pre-cast beads. The effect is conducive to the reduction of cost and the adaptability of raw materials, especially considering the requirements of environmental protection. At present, some manufacturers have promoted the use of raw materials with low foaming agent content (about 3010%). In this case, batch Pre-fermentation agent, high production efficiency.

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