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Simple Understanding of EPS Block Molding Machine


EPS Block Molding Machine is a machine for producing blocks. The whole machine adopts PLC intelligent control system, which can realize man-machine dialogue, fully automatic operation, random signal analysis, automatic fault diagnosis and various parameter settings, so that the machine can achieve the working effect .

① EPS Block Molding Machine adopts a relatively high frequency overall vibration of the inner mandrel, so that the concrete material vibrates more fully and evenly, and the produced pipe structure has better compactness.

EPS Block Molding Machine

② Due to the process of removing the inner and outer molds immediately after the pipe is formed, only one set of inner and outer molds is required for each caliber. The investment cost of the pipe mold is greatly reduced. At the same time, the immediate demoulding process also greatly saves the labor and time of assembling and disassembling the mold, and the production efficiency is very high. After demoulding, the hydration heat of cement can be used for curing, saving steam costs.

③ The dry hard concrete production process is adopted, the water-cement ratio of the concrete material is low, and the concrete performance of the pipe body is excellent.

④ Due to the use of adjustable excitation force mechanism and electrical frequency conversion speed regulation system, the vibration parameters of the inner mandrel of the cement pipe making machine can be adjusted to meet the needs of pipe production with various specifications.

⑤In addition to the production of round pipes, it can also produce special-shaped pipe fittings and prefabricated inspection wells (ie, manhole components); it can also produce pipes with plastic linings and sockets with built-in water-stop rubber rings.

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