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Introduction of mechanical movement of EPS Block Molding Machine


The EPS Block Molding Machine with hydraulic transmission is better than the molding machine with mechanical transmission. It not only vibrates but also pressurizes during molding. This statement is mainly due to the hydraulic transmission forming machine, the pressure during vibration forming and the vibration system of block forming are not well understood. During vibration molding, the oil pressure of the pressure head cylinder has been reduced to about 0.5Mpa by the pressure reducing valve, and the pressure head cylinder will bring the pressure head down synchronously with the vibration and compaction of the concrete in the mold box. At this time, the pressure head cylinder is in a low-pressure floating state. Impossible to apply a lot of pressure.

EPS Block Molding Machine

If a lot of pressure is applied during vibration molding, the vibration load will be greatly increased, the amplitude will be greatly attenuated, and the vibration system will not vibrate. Generally, when designing the vibration system of the molding machine, calculating the vibration parameters, and selecting the power of the vibration motor, the vibration load considered mainly includes the mass of the block, mold box and indenter. For the table vibration EPS Block Molding Machine, the mass of the vibration table should also be included. , but the additional applied pressure is generally not taken into account. Therefore, regardless of the forming machine with hydraulic transmission or mechanical transmission, when the block is formed, it mainly depends on vibration to make the material dense.

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