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Mechanical Principle of EPS Block Molding Machine


EPS Block Molding Machine can produce more than 10 kinds of unburned bricks of different specifications, such as hollow blocks, perforated bricks, and standard bricks, by changing molds with one machine. The pneumatic transmission is used to control the blanking, forming and exporting to complete continuously, the operation is safe and stable, and it is easy to maintain. 26 standard bricks are produced every 25 seconds, and the output is 3,744 per hour; 12 perforated bricks are produced every 25 seconds, and the output is 1,728 per hour; 4 standard blocks are produced every 25 seconds, and the output is 576 per hour. The core components are precision-made, and the anti-fatigue design is adopted to prolong the service life of the host.

EPS Block Molding Machine

The exciting force is strong, and the strength can reach 2.5-15MPa under the condition of ordinary mixing ratio. The double-rod guiding method and the well-coordinated super-long guide sleeve ensure the precise operation of the indenter and the mold. The base and key parts are integrally cast, and the outer frame is made of thick-walled super-strength steel and special welding technology. Use or model change specifications, save time and effort in mechanical use, and reasonable design. The structure is compact, safe and reliable, and a set of transmission mechanism is reasonably used to complete a variety of technological actions, simplifying the mechanical structure and facilitating maintenance.

The production is excellent, the product quality error is less than 1%, and the strength error is 0.5%. Up and down pressure and strong vibration are especially suitable for the production of high-strength blocks, which can be stacked (3-5 layers) after forming. EPS Block Molding Machine has a large amount of slag mixed in, and the compressive strength of the product is as high as MU10.0 or more. Different molds can be used to produce wall blocks of various specifications and shapes.

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