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Mechanical application of EPS Block Molding Machine


EPS Block Molding Machine is a modern equipment with electro-hydraulic integration, high technology and high precision. If it is used and maintained correctly, its service life is quite long, and economic benefits will follow, otherwise it will cause troubles and even unpredictable consequences.

EPS Block Molding Machine

EPS Block Molding Machine is equipped with oil return filter and separate filter cooling system, and the filter accuracy is 10 microns. In order to keep the oil clean and reduce failures, under normal circumstances, it is necessary to replace 4 filter elements a year for each filter system. Only new filter elements are allowed to be used, and old filter elements are not allowed to be scrubbed and used. The filter element must use a high-quality filter element, such as a microfine filter element. Applying low-priced and low-quality filter elements will not only fail to filter, but may damage the press instead!

The minimum oil temperature allowed by the EPS Block Molding Machine system is 25°C. The best working temperature is 35°C-45°C, over 45°C is not good for the system. If it exceeds the specified value, the system should be checked and eliminated in time.

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